Find COVID-19 Testing.
Assess your Risk.
Get a Mobile Pass.

Find Testing Near You

Over 1000 test centers nationwide with hours and testing details available, powered by Evive.Care

Take COVID-19 Assessment

Apollo guides the patient through a rapid symptom screen based on CDC guidelines and best practices for triage, built by emergency medicine physicians.

Receive Mobile Pass

An encrypted QR code encodes symptom screening results and can be scanned by frontline health workers.

Participate in COVID-19 Research

Stanford Medicine survey can be completed to help epidemiologists and population health experts understand and combat COVID-19.


Contactless Screening. Digitizing Testing.

Contactless Screening

Frontline health workers scan the patient’s mobile pass through the car window, ensuring that direct contact is limited and use of PPE is optimized.

Review Patient Info

The app displays detailed results of patient’s screening assessment, allowing health workers to quickly determine next steps.

Call Patient

Instantly call the patient with the tap of a button for additional consultation, allowing direct communication without exposure.

Send Data to Lab

Patient information can be sent via a HIPAA-compliant FTP to the test lab to improve efficiency and reduce paperwork needed.